Professional Pets Transport Services

Our company Travel Pets Ltd is one of the oldest pet relocation companies in Hong Kong. We export thousands of dogs and cats over the last 8 years to all over the world satisfying the tremendous need for the Pet Relocation industry. Over the years, Pet relocation has been easier to meet other countries' requirements because Hong Kong is free of rabies. Since the worldwide arrival of Covid 19 in 2019, it is getting more difficult to find an airline to go to whatever country due to limited flights.


On the other hand, Pet Relocation couldn’t be easier if you use the services of our company, Travel Pets Ltd. When you decide what country you and your family (including your pets) want to immigrate to, we can give you a personal tailor-made journey for your pet relocation. And you will have the ability to monitor each step of the process.

Hot Pets Travel Destination


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When you decide what country and when you and your family (pets) will immigrate to, we can give you a tailor-made journey for your pet relocation.


According to the pet relocation regulations of various countries, Hong Kong is a place with low risk of rabies.  In other words, all countries welcome the import of cats and dogs from Hong Kong.  But different countries have different entry requirements.  In addition, due to the impact of COVID virus on the global aviation industry, pet transportation may not be possible to fly directly from Hong Kong to the destination country.  We can arrange pet transportation to some countries to get connect flight or land transportation to reach the final destination, and we have a good pet movers to do so for most of the major countries.

Our company's purpose is high transparency, reasonable price, and flexibility to deal with each different case as the goal.




Is Pet Transportation safe?

Before we move on to your pet relocation journey, we gone to look to see if the pet has any hidden disease.  To do so, our pet movers team will take it to our experience vet to do a free body check.  The vet will give you details of your pets health status and determine if it’s suitable to travel with short distance or long distance flight for your pet transportation.  Also important to look at the age of your pets, if is an older, our pet movers team might break down its long distance journey.  Our pet movers team will special each day journey within a short distance each day until it gets to the final destination.


Does pet transportation or pet relocation need ISO microchip to go to EU country?

The answer is yes.  For my last 12 years of experience, some of the EU countries doesn’t have the AVID scanner to read the Hong Kong microchip and this might course major issues to clear custom.  For all pet transportation or pet relocation our pet movers team will put ISO microchip implanted into your pet.


Does pet allow in cabin during pet transportation or pet relocation?

KLM, Air French, Lufthansa, and Korean airline do allow pets in cabin during pet relocation and pet transportation.  You have to use soft pet travel bags, pet travel bag and pet together must under 8kg.  Travel bag size cannot excess 46cm wide.


What do you need to prepare your pet relocation or pet transportation?

No matter what countries your pets are going to, rabies vaccines, annual vaccines, rabies titer test(for some country), internal and external parasites(for some countries), and health certificate.


Why do you need a Pet Movers to help you relocate your pets?

As a reliable Pet Movers, we will meet all the import requirement to the countries.  A Pet Movers must able to find the best suitable airline for your pet journey.  A Pet Movers must give details of this pet relocation journey.