Pet Travel Industry Experts

The pet travel industry is constantly changing, even more so now. We keep abreast of all the most recent regulations, airline protocols and individual country requirements to ensure your pet arrives at its destination happy and well.

We listen to our customer’s important information concerning their pet(s) in order to provide absolute safety of the animal during the shipping process.

After learning about any special needs of your pet we will then put into motion our professional skills to provide a most affordable, comfortable and safe journey for your pet.

Your job, as the owner of the pet, is to stay home, relax and be rest assured and wait for the safe arrival of your beloved pet(s).

After having an excellent and safe experience of 12 years in the pet import and export business….We know a lot about the transportation of animals and pets.

We are thoroughly knowledgeable about all destination countries specific health requirements that must be met before your pet can travel to the destination of your choice. We are also aware that airlines may have separate and additional requirements in order for your pet to travel aboard their airline.